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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Photograph Candleholders

(note: all pictures will be at the bottom of the posts…Family members – you have fair warning right now – do not read any further – it will ruin your surprise!)

Can you tell by now there is a theme to my gifts this year?  I had both grandmas specifically tell me they wanted pictures this year for gifts.  I decided to get creative about it…it’s a lot funner than just giving them prints and frames!!

This idea is sort of my own.  I saw in a photo book the idea of printing pictures on regular copy paper and wrapping around a votive holder to create a neat illuminating effect.  I thought to myself a way to make this permanent using modge podge.

I got a couple of glass vases/candleholders at Wal-Mart.  These were a pretty good size and were heavy glass (but still were pretty cheap) and I picked up a container of modge podge.

I came home and figured out what size picture would work best on each side.  I then went into my photo editing software and sized and cropped my pictures.  When I was setting up to print it (on normal copy paper) I decreased the intensity (you could also probably just decrease the saturation as well) so that the pictures were semi-opaque so that the flame would sort of glow through them.

I then cut them out and applied the modge podge to the back of the picture and then attached it to the outside of the candle holder (coating the entire candle holder).  I then applied a thin coat of modge podge on top.  I let it dry for about 20 minutes and then applied another coat.  I ended up putting about 6 or 7 coats on top.

I put a tealight in my candle holders just because I like how the tealights are in the little metal things and the wax won’t melt to the inside of the holder.  You could put votives in the holders as well.

Once again I was very pleased with the end product!!

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