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Friday, December 11, 2009

Photo Clock

(note: all pictures will be at the bottom of the posts…Family members – you have fair warning right now – do not read any further – it will ruin your surprise!)

This was another project I found on the Martha Stewart site (she really does have some good ideas).  You can click here to see this project on her site.

I found clocks at Wal-Mart for less than $4 -  (they were $3.97 each I think).  They had photo frame clocks for about $20 but I think these turned out just as cute or cuter…

All I did was find some cute pictures of the kids’ faces.  I put them in photoshop (you could probably use any photo editing software) cropped out the faces, resized them to fit on the clock and then made them black and white (b/c I thought they would look better).

I printed the pictures and cut out the faces.  I then popped off  the top cover of the clock and put the pics on the clock (using scrapbooking glue dots on the back of the pictures).  I put the cover back on and that was it!!  So easy!!

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